Liniar Patio Doors

Liniar Patio Doors

Whether you’re looking for a brand new patio door to provide better access to your garden, or you’re looking for a replacement door, you’ll be amazed at how different the stunning Liniar patio range is from other patio doors on the market.

The sliding patio door isn’t a new invention and most doors available on the market today are still based on a historic design, which means they come with inherent challenges. Who hasn’t experienced a patio door that rocks on its track, or one that requires sheer brute force to open? Other patio doors have also built an unwanted reputation for making it easy for thieves to break in to your home. The Liniar design team have re-written the rule book with their innovative patio doors range – engineering in features such as a built-in decelerator and hidden ‘crash stops’ within the operating mechanism so as not to detract from the beautifully slim lines of the door.

Key Features:

  • The built-in brushes gently sweep away any minor debris each time the door is closed, aiding its silent action and helping it to maintain efficient operation. With fully sculptured features providing a beautiful finish, the Liniar patio door’s ultra-slim sightlines ensure you enjoy the maximum amount of natural light in your home. And with a range of colour and handle options, you can personalise your Liniar patio doors to match the rest of your home, because they are designed just for you.
  • In addition the Liniar door is one of the most secure patio doors available today. Liniar’s patented ModLok™ modular locking mechanism is built into the frame, delivering unparalleled strength combined with the highest levels of security. ModLok™ Patio Doors give you and your family peace of mind that your home is protected.
  • Ultra-slim sightlines allow for the maximum amount of light to flood any room, making the property light and airy.
  • Like all our products, the Liniar patio door is 100% lead free in its composition making it a truly environmentally friendly product.
  • With a multi-chambered profile system, you can rest assured that our Liniar patio doors are the most thermally efficient doors on the market.

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